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Department of Botany and Plant Biology - Faculty of Science, University of Geneva

Microbiology Unit
Laboratory of Microbial Genetics
Sciences III - University of Geneva
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Xavier Perret
Senior lecturer

Project at a glance

Genetics of symbioses between Sinorhizobium fredii NGR234 and legumes

Reduced nitrogen is one of the factors that limit plant growth. By forming nitrogen-fixing symbioses with soil bacteria collectively known as rhizobia, members of the Leguminosae can thrive in nitrogen-poor soils where other plants cannot grow. In agriculture, the inoculation of legume crops such as soybean or bean with symbiotic rhizobia limits the use of nitrate in fertilizers and hence prevents the pollution of surface- and ground-waters by nitrates.

Our group focuses on the analysis of the molecular determinants that allow the promiscuous strain Sinorhizobium fredii NGR234 to form proficient symbioses with more than 130 plant species.