Yamama Naciri Group

Conservatory and Botanical Garden - City of Geneva
Department of Plant Sciences - Faculty of Science, University of Geneva

Conservatory and Botanical Garden
& Department of Plant Sciences
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Yamama Naciri
Curator - Lecturer

Project at a glance

Plant systematics and biodiversity

We aim at understanding the diversification of species and their evolutionary history at both the intra- and interspecific levels.

Our research themes encompass species phylogeography with applications in conservation as well as species delimitation and relationships in different groups of plants (Sapotaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Ulmaceae) using molecular markers, in addition to the traditional tools of morphology and/or anatomy. We are using diverse molecular tools, from microsatellites genotyping to next generation sequencing and target capture of genes. To answer our questions we work both on fresh specimens and on herbarium samples (Museomics) which allows us to access and analyse historical collections.