Luis Lopez-Molina Group

Department of Plant Sciences - Faculty of Science, University of Geneva

Department of Plant Sciences
Sciences III - University of Geneva
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Luis Lopez-Molina
Associate professor

Project at a glance

Our laboratory seeks to elucidate the molecular genetic mechanisms underlying the control of seed germination using the model system Arabidopsis thaliana.

Appearance of seeds is a major chapter in the history of plant evolution.

Seeds consist of encapsulated plant embryos residing in a highly resistant and metabolic inert state. This allows plants to travel in both space and time, securely holding growth until the appearance of favorable conditions allows them to germinate and develop into a young and fragile seedling.

Germination is expected to be tightly controlled since seedlings may suddenly experience hazardous environmental conditions. Indeed, multiple levels of regulation have appeared during evolution to control germination in response to environmental cues.