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3rd Symposium of the
Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases

Covid19 and beyond
Understanding emerging viruses and their public health impact

The field of emerging viruses has recently emerged from a small niche within virology, to an omnipresent global topic. While the COVID-19 pandemic has fully revealed the impact that an emerging virus can have, the past 20 years have already been replete with multiple viral epidemics. Right now, the world is facing ongoing circulation of SARS-CoV-2, an international outbreak of monkeypox virus, resurgence of polio and frequent Ebola virus outbreaks.

The Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases of the HUG and the Medicine Faculty of the UNIGE is dedicated to the better understanding of emerging viruses and has become a focal point for pandemic preparedness, diagnostics of emerging viruses and characterization of novel viruses in Switzerland and beyond. Their 3rd symposium will take place from December 7 to December 9, 2022 at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, and will follow up two earlier successful and inspiring meetings by bringing together scientists, public health experts and policy makers.

  • Registration is mandatory and not free.
  • Organisation: Isabella Eckerle & Laurent Kaiser
Fondation Louis-Jeantet

Conférence Louis-Jeantet - Alain Fischer

Le COVID: stop ou encore ?

Alain Fischer
Professeur honoraire au Collège de France
Président du Conseil d’Orientation de la Stratégie Vaccinale - France

Mardi 5 avril 2022 - 18 h 30
CMU - Auditoire Champendal

  • Conférence publique.
  • Participation en présentiel sur inscription.
  • Participation libre en vidéo-conférence.

Organisation: Fondation Louis-Jeantet et Heidi.News