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User symposium banner

User symposium

iGE3 Genomics Platform user meeting

The next user symposium proposed by the Genomics Platform of iGE3 will take place on Friday, October 18, 2019, in room A04.2906 of the CMU, building A.

This event will feature speakers who will present their findings and experiences in using the services of the iGE3 Genomics Platform. The meeting will also be an opportunity to meet specialists from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Illumina for a presentation and discussion on the latest technological advances and solutions.

  • Attendance is free, but registration is required.
  • Registration: send an email to
  • Host: Mylene Docquier
Bannière Journée Genevoise de l’Alzheimer

Journée Genevoise de l’Alzheimer

L’Association Suisse pour la Recherche sur l’Alzheimer (APRA) et l’Association Alzheimer Genève unissent à nouveau leurs forces pour vous proposer la 4ème Journée Genevoise de l’Alzheimer, qui se tiendra le mardi 17 septembre 2019 à l'Auditoire Marcel Jenny des HUG à Genève de 16 h à 20 h.

Cette édition présentera les dernières pistes de recherche sur la maladie d'Alzheimer et le vieillissement cérébral, et discutera les meilleures façons de soutenir les patients et d'accompagner les proches-aidants.

SGF2019 banner

Swiss Genomics Forum 2019

As genome analysis becomes commonplace in research and clinics, Switzerland has much to offer in terms of scientific strength, quality of its healthcare system (including universal coverage) and detailed patient phenotyping.

The Swiss Genomics Forum 2019 (SGF2019) organized by the Health 2030 Genome Center will take place on September 27, 2019 at the Campus Biotech in Geneva. The SGF2019 will bring together researchers, clinicians, patient communities, and other stakeholder groups to meet and discuss the future of genomics around the following topics: genomics, diseases, personalized health, data and collaboration.

[BC]2 2019 banner

[BC]2 2019

Big data in molecular medicine

The [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference is organized by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), and has become the key computational biology event in Switzerland uniting scientists working in a broad range of disciplines, including bioinformatics, computational biology, and systems biology. This year’s thematic focus is on the use of big data in molecular medicine. The conference will feature presentations of latest research results, workshops, tutorials, poster sessions, and keynote lectures by international experts.

The main [BC]2 conference will take place on September 10 & 11, 2019, at the Congress Centre in Basel, Switzerland as an integral part of the BASEL LIFE 2019 congress, giving [BC]2 attendants access to all of BASEL LIFE’s activities. The [BC]2 workshops and tutorials are on Monday, September 9 at the University of Basel.

OptoDBS 2019 banner

OptoDBS 2019

State of the art of current therapies for deep brain stimulation

Pathological circuit function is at the origin of many symptoms of neurological disorders. The optogenetic toolbox applied to animal models of behavioral diseases has in the last years led to decisive progress with the hope that deep brain stimulation (DBS) may be used for rational treatments.

OptoDBS 2019 will discuss the state of the art of current therapies for DBS and ask how a better understanding of neural circuit dysfunction in pathology could inspire novel protocols. A particular emphasis will be on novel DBS indications such as obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), depression or addiction. The meeting will take place from June 20 to 22, 2019, at the Campus Biotech in Geneva.

ISMB/ECCB 2019 banner


27th annual ISMB conference & 18th annual ECCB

The annual international conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) is the flagship meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). Joining forces with the annual European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), ISMB/ECCB 2019 will bring together scientists from computer science, molecular biology, mathematics, statistics and related fields from July 21 to 25, 2019, at the Congress Centre in Basel, Switzerland.

ISMB/ECCB 2019 is the largest and most high profile annual meeting of scientists working in computational biology and provides an intense multidisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest developments in computational tools for data driven biological research.

Emerging Viral Diseases Symposium banner

2nd Symposium for Emerging Viral Diseases

Understanding emerging viral diseases and their public health impact

In this symposium, that will take place on April 10, 11 and 12, 2019 at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, the Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases (GCEVD) aims to cover the complete picture of the exciting topic of virus emergence, and the challenges that arise from it. The program is enriched with clinical cases, real-life scenarios, lessons from the field, but also specific basic research findings on emerging viruses of high interest, all delivered by international top experts in the field.

The symposium is of interest for a broad range of health specialists working in the field of emerging viruses, such as clinicians, researchers from the Life Science field and public health specialists, PhD and medical students, as well as policy makers and organizations.

  • Registration deadline: April 8, 2019
  • Organisation: Laurent Kaiser & Isabella Eckerle
The Human Microbiota & Brain Diseases banner

The Human Microbiota & Brain Diseases - 3rd Edition

Therapeutic targets

The past two years have seen an exponential increase of lay and scientific publications on the effects of the trillions small guests that each of us more or less willingly hosts even in the most secluded and intimate folds and holes of our body. High time, given that the power house of eukaryotic cells, mitochondria, are but ancient bacteria.

The 3rd edition of the Human Microbiota & Brain Diseases conference, that will take place on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, at the Auditorium Marcel Jenny of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), from 13 h 30 to 19 h 30, aims to update physicians and scientists on the latest discoveries on the role of the gut microbiata in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Organisation: Giovanni B. Frisoni, Jacques Schrenzel & Mirko Trajkovski
Inauguration du CGEM

Inauguration du Centre de Génomique Médicale

Une expertise multidisciplinaire au service des patients

Les maladies génétiques sont souvent complexes. La mission du Centre de Génomique Médicale (CGEM) est de mettre à la disposition du patient une structure multidisciplinaire pour des diagnostics plus rapides et des traitements plus précis.

Lors de cet événement, qui se tiendra le jeudi 28 février 2019, à l'Auditoire Marcel Jenny des HUG, de 13 h 30 à 17 h 30, vous pourrez découvrir la richesse et l’utilité médicale des différentes interactions multidisciplinaires qui seront présentées, et échanger de manière informelle avec les différents spécialistes des disciplines engagées.

Ce nouveau centre sera présenté par son directeur le Prof. Marc Abramowicz, chef du Service de médecine génétique, HUG, membre d'iGE3.

  • Entrée libre à l'inauguration.
  • Inscription nécessaire au colloque scientifique.
  • Un cocktail clôturera l'événement.
Nutrition and Microbiota Symposium banner

Feeding the microbiota - Cancer, immunity and microbiota

Nutrition and Microbiota - 4th Symposium GE-VD

Recent studies implicate the microbiota of the digestive tract in the development and progression of diseases. Thus, there is a growing interest to modulate the microbiota to improve health state. This yearly symposium aims at highlighting the impact of nutrition on microbiota and the subsequent potential for prevention and treatment of diseases.

The symposium will take place on Thursday, February 7, 2019, at the Auditorium Marcel Jenny of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), from 13 h to 18 h.

  • Registration is free.
  • Organisation: Jacques Schrenzel & Laurence Genton Graf